SIR appreciates your compliments. to answer your question sub, I post what I choose to post; but as I have previously posted these pics of a very hungry willing sub giving his all to please ME while wearing a suit, SIR decided to re-post for you to enjoy.


Ballistic Missel

Vald’s cock looks like its ready to launch, he is going to fuck some boy into orbit


Yeah faggot you have a sweet pussy. Lick off this cum from my cock, and go make me a margarita. Kneel here when you are done, just in case I need something else.

Go to it fag!


I used to love cumming in other football players’ helmets - sending them out onto the field knowing the sweatier they get, the more it will smell like my sperm and they’ll eventually get worked up into a frenzy wanting to service me again.


when I get you home I’m going to fuck you like a little bitch

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I love doing this with my Man’s balls.   He has such a fine set of low-hanging balls.  I am in awe of them and of his big headed cock.


I never realized how much you look like your dad until I saw my dick in your face too. 

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This is engorged. Pay attention, Son, you missed it on the test, I’m trying to help you study.


There’s that dick I remember so well. Got tired of not getting any from that bitch, didn’t you, baby, had to come back, see your ole friend, Buck.